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Feel Good Factor Wellness drinks are delicious nutritional vitamin and mineral drink. We are aware that many people struggle with mental health issues and so the formula supports mind as well as body giving it the daily nutrition it needs to keep positive and stay focused. The mind is a powerful thing, it needs care and attention just as much as the body. The ingredient’s we use have amazing positive impacts and are combined into a science backed formula. By combining these nutrients into a handy delicious bottled drink we have simplified your daily routine. This drink is for all those people who are conscious about their health and their nutritional needs as well as providing a great go to option for people involved in regular sport and exercise. So, introduce the Feel Good Factor to your daily routine and take your mind, body and wellbeing to the next level.

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My name is Connor Smith and I am the founder of Feel Good Factor, I am someone who has experienced depression over the past 10 years, it is something that brought me down in life, feeling extremely low. My experiences have also made me someone I never thought I could be. Through counselling and coming to terms with my illness, it made me understand myself and understand that this illness is not my fault. I still struggle with low points but I try to stay positive and get the right nutrition needed for my body to balance itself, it really gives me the best chance mentally to overcome anything. This is where Feel Good Factor, along with the nutritional impact of our products gives that little extra chance for us to help ourselves mentally and physically and meet everyday life head on.

FEEL GOOD FACTOR functional drinks are produced in partnership with Informed Sports


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